I'm really laughing at all the Celebrity "Outreach" to the young man who was recently videotaped by his mother regarding bullying.  As if most of their Victim hood mentality is anything close to approaching a reality in which human beings find themselves in.

Forget the whole go tell a teacher and other gender nullification strategies that our public education places on our young boys. The Politically Correct anti-Bullying strategies which the "Educators" spew will make the situation worse.

Teach your kid's to deal with those who are going to hurt them and don't put up with becoming a victim.  Physical violence must be met with physical violence and will make an adult out of your child....Something today's youth have little of. 

Self Defense is something that you must learn.

Here are some strategies and Articles on the topic that I agree with:

-7 Things a High School Bully Taught Me about Facing Fear  (Link)

-How I Teach My Kids To Fight Back Against Bullies  (Link)

-Why I Don't Think Keaton Jones' Mom Should Have Posted Video Of Him Talking About Being Bullied  (Link)


Sometimes being a child is difficult and overcoming that difficulty is what makes you a stronger person capable of functioning in society.  Sorry if it sounds harsh, but sometimes life is, and you need to be ready for it.