Thought for the Day

(My Apartment in Ballston looking towards Washington DC)

It's amazing to meet people who are so set in their beliefs.  In Washington DC Ive met the most intolerant people I have encountered short of the Middle East, Japan and Europe.  It's actual Bigotry and hatred.  I really hope it's just pain they are voicing over the loss of the election.

"If you are Pro Trump I wont talk to you."  "If you deny climate change,  your in denial"

What happened to polite discourse and logical debate? Are people so set in what they think is right that they will refuse to even talk to someone with an alternate thought?   I feel so sorry for them.  Being so insecure to even discuss what they believe only shows that they are afraid to be wrong.

Are they afraid to be challenged in life?  It appears so.  I welcome differing opinions, I want to learn and have my beliefs challenged.  The discussion will only confirm or deny my beliefs.....that leads to growth.

The inability to have your beliefs challenged and to act out in anger instead of being an adult and rationally debate is the hallmark of being a tyrannical person, or at best socially awkward.

When you believe you know everything, you learn nothing.