The Sheep sway to the new drumbeat

All the current talk about banning the confederate flag shows how un-educated and shallow people are.  Because some people assign a certain “Meaning” based on their own emotions as opposed to Historical fact is astounding.  The Media jumps on a topic and the sheep follow within days.  Companies follow to protect their perceived position on issues.  The hypocrisy flows like leafs in the wind.

                         (How many Media elites even know This is the Confederate Flag......)

The Nazi Flag and it’s symbolism (The Swastika) was banned as well, based on what only a few people used the symbol for.  Research for yourself its origins and meanings and you quickly see emotions rule over facts and history.

Forget facts, origins and History........ Emotions rule, and we all know where that leads.

Good luck America.


And where are all the Irish attempting to ban the British flag?  .......Oh yea...... they are made of tougher stuff, and do not whine over "Banning" just to make themselves feel better.