Is marriage just a piece of paper?

Empathologism has an excellent post up dissecting a FamilyLife/Dennis Rainey memo on marriage.  See the link for Empath’s post and the ensuing discussion, but what struck me about the FamilyLife piece is how utterly devoid it is of a sense of biblical morality.  After explaining that at least two thirds of divorces have no possible biblical justification*, Rainey urges his Christian audience:
If you know people in that situation, urge them to fight for their marriage. Tell them not to quit without taking another lap around the track–without stopping to realize that the best marriage to be in is the one they already have.
The advice to not give up isn’t bad from a practical perspective, as statistically divorce doesn’t tend to make people happy.  But by focusing soley on the quality of the romantic relationship, modern Christians like Rainey have accepted the modern secular view of marriage.  They have abandoned all that truly makes marriage moral and sacred, and substituted in its place a pledge of allegiance to the fickleness of emotion.

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