How fortunate my life has been
In such noble company ever seen
Old comrades with whom I dine tonight
Reflecting those yesterdays by flickering candle light
When once young lions mastered their domain
Suffering, enduring, time and time again
Brothers in arms, young and old, all of them
Together again in a noisy but happy den
Recalling deeds from trickling time of sands passed by
No matter what, our Regiment’s motto always the cry
Fond images of our fallen so very clear
Still smiling, laughing, determined, showing no fear
Remember how they too wore the badge with pride
As we faced the unknown, all together, side by side
If only I could find words to explain
With such brothers, I would do it again and again
Rise now and join me before life is spent
Salute today’s column which goes where we once went
Let’s raise full glasses and drink to our beloved Regiment