Mongoloid, Negro, Oriental, 1980's Words

From Captain Capitalism

I cannot claim the original observation of this as it was Stefan Molyneux that did, but in one of his podcasts he adamant insisted on referring to mentally impaired people as retarded.  He validated this preference because he said it was the 5th reincarnation of the noun used to politely refer to retards.  First it was mongoloids (I had to look it up) then it was retards, and now it's mentally impaired.

The same eggshell-mine-laying has occurred in other groups of American people.

When I was being brought up "black" was a perfectly acceptable way to refer to blacks.  Just as "whites" are still a perfectly acceptable way to refer to "whites." But then the effeminate, pansy, thin-skinned, professional-victim groups got in and turned it to "negro."  Mullato (for half white, half black), to "African American."

Even the Asians are getting in on the deal.  I lived a block away from a hotel called the "Occidental."  Not until I looked that word up did I realize it simply meant "westerner."  So "oriental" means "easterner."

Talk to any college "educated" Asian today and they're brainwashed to think "oriental" is a racial term.

So here is what I want to convey to all the groups of all the peoples of all the races of all the victim classes.




I'm done.

And not only am I done, I think most white males or the "non-victim/whinny" classes are done.

I look at all my predecessors and all my contemporaries dancing daintily and pansifiedly around the purposely laid-down eggshell mines, kowtowing to your every whimsical and irrelevant wish to "not be offended" and I'm disgusted.  Not only am I disgusted with their lack of spine, I'm vomitously repulsed by your cowardice.

Me uttering a descriptive word that was perfectly acceptable 10 years ago that a bunch of commie, socialist, media, academia decided to purposely re-purpose for political/victimhood advantage that "now" offends you,


and I want you to listen


i don't care if you're offended.

Because you're not.  You really aren't.

You're a cowardly, weak, sad, pathetic individual that hides behinds your (choose one)

sexual preference,

etc. etc.

that insists on making the rest of the world dance on eggshells so you can constantly play the victim, fake being "oppressed" all to merely provide the weak rationalization to steal other people's money under the bogus pretenses of "oppression" or "discrimination."

And I for one am no longer playing your game or dancing to your tune.

You're black?
Guess what!
I'm calling you black.

You're a retard?
Guess what!
I'm calling you a retard!

You're Asian!
Guess what!
I'm calling you Asian...because (truthfully) "oriental" has more syllables and isn't as efficient.

Now if you take umbrage to this or find it insulting or somehow "oppressive" go file your complaints with the Department of I Don't Give a Shit and wallow in your own self-pity.  Perhaps you can find some simpering 25 year old female liberal arts masters candidates that will sympathize with you.  Perhaps you can find some pansified, white males constantly begging for forgiveness for the sin of being born white and male.  They're so weak-minded they actually believe they've unintentionally "discriminated" against you with poppycock like "male/white privilege."

In the meantime me and all the real men who will genuinely judge you by your character will continue to use the language we were brought up with and refer to you accordingly.

You are black.
You are oriental.
You are retarded.
You are Indian.
You are dames.
You are Hispanic.
You are whatever.

If you take offense, then you may want to consider if you hide behind traits you did nothing to earn and use it as an excuse to carry your own weight in society, as opposed to people who don't care how they were born, but instead define themselves by their accomplishments in life.

Bloggers Note:

"Retard" also once replaced out-of-date adjectives such as "imbecile, "moron" and "half-wit." Now "retard" has been deemed a bad word and succeeded by yet more euphemisms, such as "mentally handicapped" or "intellectually disabled." One must wonder what new euphemisms will arise in the future? This peculiar process of substituting one euphemism for another is ridiculous, but for whatever reason, many people feel that it is necessary.

"Retard" is not comparable to a racial slur like "nigger" which was never intended merely as a descriptive device. Oddly, many "African-Americans" now call each other "niggers" as a term of endearment. One must wonder if "retard" will also come full circle, so to speak.

The WAY a word is used can have many different connotations, let's not constantly change words because people FEEL that it is offensive.....and really ask yourself WHY you care that a WORD can hurt you in any way.