The other day the current Administration (President Obama) sent out this picture to promote Government run Healthcare for the younger generation.  This was to try to get younger adults to sign up for insurance to help pay for the older who are sick....basically another iteration of Social Security....er....Socialism.

The point is not Socialism, which will fail in time as it always does, but rather the state of our civilization and its inevitable decline. We continually fail to learn from History and repeat the same mistakes over and over...

All societies grow from an Oligarchy, prosper and grow strong, then at their peak they decide to take care of those who are weak by taking from those who produce....by force.  The decline to socialism and another Oligarchy inevitably happen again.

At this "Peak" of the Society, there is little to no pressure (Wars, famine, etc) and it grows weak...a few generations is all it takes.  Imagine what your grandfather or great grandfather would say looking at Pajama boy.

200 Years ago children half of this Pajama boy's age were leading men and fighting in combat.

 (Yes I know he is an actor, but the historical fact of Midshipmen of this age fighting in combat is not fiction)

What would a Midshipman serving on a British Ship of the Line have to say about Pajama Boy?  What do Women think about Pajama boy?  Would they rather have this...

(Wow, just wow)

or This.......

or This......

So to the parents of America..... are you proud of Pajama boy?  Are you confident he will grow up to be a Man and provide in all ways to his family?

If so....Good luck to you and our country, you both have my sympathies.