Gentle MAN

While many definitions abound for the word Gentleman, the one I model my behavior after is "A man who is always polite and honest and considers other peoples needs."

I tend to look at being a gentleman as simply...... "To make others comfortable in your presence."

I think constant clarification is in order.  Being a gentleman is rather difficult in today's society.  People are very self absorbed and carry that feeling to others around them.  The headphones when out in public, the lack of eye contact, the computer people in the coffee shop (of which I am at this moment....see I still have work to do), the lack of basic greetings, etc.

 Many people today get their social interactions from reality TV (watching other "Real" people interact in day to day activities), social media, smart phones, etc.  People are used to that and are comfortable with it.  Being a gentleman in that arena has it's challenges.  Saying hello and good day to people who shuffle around in their flip flops, sweat pants, with a vacant stare like a character from the Walking Dead is difficult to say the least, much less trying to strike up a conversation.  But I have digressed.......

(Good Point)

The actual point of this post is that many people tend to look at a being a gentleman as something other than the classic definition, or even the definition above.  They seem to believe a Gentleman is a man who supplicates to women.........albeit politely.

Supplicate:  1: to ask humbly and earnestly of  2: to ask for earnestly and humbly 

Let me tell you.... I enjoy women.  I love the sight, smell, sound and taste of them.  If god created anything better than a beautiful woman he kept it for himself.  But first and foremost I am a man.  A Man takes charge, and works for what he wants.  In short he is a man of action.......A leader.
I think true "Gentlemen" are first and foremost MEN who are honest, polite and considerate.  A Man is one who fights for his beliefs, who is honorable and responsible for his actions.  A man is not a woman's servant, he is not an errand boy.

(Yes kind of like this guy)
While a "Gentleman" will hold a door open for a lady, stand when she approaches the table, offer his hand, his umbrella, his coat etc.  He does those these things on his terms.  He is honest in telling her what he wants and what his intentions are.  If she in no uncertain terms tells the man she is not interested, then he leaves with a kind salutation.  If she smiles then he knows the game is afoot. 
Is a Gentleman Honest?  He should be.  
Is a Gentleman Polite?  As often as he can.  
Does a Gentleman Consider other peoples needs?  Of course, but he can always do better. (as I need to do)

But as a MAN will he push the girl against the wall to kiss her, or put her across his knee when it is deserved?