Prefered Drinks

When I go out for the evening I very rarely drink beer or wine.  The Drink and cocktails below are what I often order. 

Vodka Martini with Blue Cheese stuffed Olives, Extra Cold and of course straight up.

 Manhattan, straight up extra cold.  (I often request Rye for the Whiskey, and a Luxardo cherry is appreciated)

 A Vesper, (If they know how to make one).

 Bourbon on the rocks.  (Or a Scotch on the Rocks...Preferably Lagavulin 16)

The brand name of alcohol often plays little importance to me so long as it is a premium and the correct alcohol for the drink.  (IE No Jack Daniels in a Manhattan) I generally prefer a drink before a meal and it must be large and cold.  (It is quite possibly due to the fact of being overseas for a year without ice is the reason for preferring my drinks cold and with Ice.)