Steak Au Poivre

My Recipe (4 Servings):

4 - One inch thick NY Strip Steaks (I get mine at Costco)
One small Shallot
1/4 Cup Parsley
1/2 Cup Black Peppercorns (Or More to  your liking)
Kosher Salt (To Taste)
1 Cup Brandy
1 Cup Heavy Cream
Olive Oil (Approx 2 Tablespoons)
Butter (Approx 2 Tablespoons)

Pat Steaks dry with paper towel and sprinkle Kosher salt liberally on both sides.  Wrap in paper towels and place in refrigerator for 8 hrs to one day before cooking.  Take steaks out of refrigerator one hour before cooking. Crush the peppercorns very COURSE (I use a Mortar & Pestle).  Coat both sides of each steak.

Cut Parsley and Shallots finely.

In Cast Iron Skillet put in oil and butter.  Turn to HIGH Heat.  Cook steaks 3-4 minutes each side and then remove from skillet and keep warm.  I use some tinfoil to reduce splatter and keep them warm in the oven at 200.  The steaks should come out Medium Rare.  Reduce heat to medium and gently brown the Shallots add cream and Brandy  (Be careful not to ignite Brandy)  Add leftover peppercorns (If any).  Reduce by Half or when sauce becomes thick enough to coat the back of a spoon.

Serve with Sauce on the side over a bed of Asparagus. Garnish with plenty of Parsley.  Enjoy!