7 Tips to Up a Man's Style

Swagger: 7 Tips to Up a Man's Style

You don't need a whole new wardrobe to up your game. Here are 7 simple tips for every man.
  1. Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns, just be mindful of scale. Whether it is matching shirt with suit, pants with socks or tie with any of the above, make sure patterns are distinguishable from one another. If you are going to use similar patterns, match large stripes with small stripes so the eye knows where to focus.
  2. Every man, not just the country clubset, needs a blue blazer. Old school brass buttons rub you the wrong way? Go with more of a subtle brown button - it still helps distinguish your blazer from a suit jacket, but doesn't make you feel like you are headed to the Cape for the weekend.
  3. A crisp, custom tailored white shirt goes with everything. Seriously, everything.
  4. When going bold, pick only one piece of your wardrobe. Whether it's your tie, shirt, pocket square, or socks, choose one element where you can demonstrate your personality. Resist the temptation to go bold all over.
  5. When appropriate, have fun with your socks. Pull in one of the colors of your suit or shirt into the sock and always contrast patterns. For example, pair solids with stripes or argyle. A good pair of socks is an excellent complement to a sharp outfit and will be noticed by that special someone.
  6. When in doubt, overdress. It is always much better to be the one guy in a suit and tie than the one in khakis and a blue button-down.
  7. Classic is never out of style. Look at any James Bond movie, with any actor, from any decade (I prefer Connery) and his outfit will be relevant and fashionable today. When something works as well in 1962 as it does fifty years later, you know it's classic.
Peyton Jenkins is the co-founder of Alton Lane, a custom men's luxury brand based in New York City with showrooms in NYC, Boston and Washington, DC (and still expanding...). Alton Lane seeks to revolutionize the way men shop and dress through three basic principles: Better Clothes. Better Value. Better Experience.