Dan Daly

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SGT Dan Daly
I know I've quoted this before, but it seems to be one of those universal constants that remains true in all circumstances:  God has a hard-on for Marines, because they kill everything they see.  Marines are the motherfuckers we send in when shit needs to be taken care of, and if you were to say that the USMC was one of the most badassed military organizations of all time I don't think you've have too many people try to debate the subject with you.  It's pretty much understood that when jackasses need to get their shit fucked up, the Marines are the President's first phone call.

Among the United States Marine Corps, Sergeant Daniel Daly is something of a legend.  Now that's saying something in and of itself, considering some of the men and women who have served the Corps during the years.  The 5'6", 135lb soldier was fearless, tough, and well respected among officers and enlisted men alike.  The man epitomized what it means to be a Marine.

In January of 1899 the United States and Spain went to war over Cuba.  Well Dan Daly heard about all the asskickings Teddy Roosevelt and his men were laying all over the place, so he decided to enlist in the Marine Corps and try to get in on the action.  Unfortunately by the time his drill instructors were done whipping him into shape old-school-style at boot camp on Parris Island, the war was already over.

When Private Daly got out of Basic he was assigned to the Asiatic Fleet, which was trolling around the Far East eating sushi and drinking some fine-ass saki.  Well around this time shit was getting pretty whack in China, as the Qing Dynasty was in the early stages of the Boxer Rebellion.  While it would be awesome if the Boxer Rebellion was a bunch of guys like Muhammad Ali running around beating the shit out of everyone, it was really just an uprising by the Chinese peasantry against foreign influence in their country.  Since these Boxers were getting a little bit more violent every day, the U.S. decided to send in some Marines to make sure their diplomatic legation was safe.  Dan Daly's Marines were deployed.

Well no sooner did the Marines show up then they found a small contingent of German soldiers camped outside the American embassy in Beijing.  The Corpsmen were like, "fuck this", and assaulted the German positions, pushing the Krauts the fuck out of there.  Since the defensive positions surrounding the legation were badly damaged, the rest of the Marines headed off to gather reinforcements and supplies to rebuild the fortifications around the embassy.  Private Daly volunteered to stay back and hold the fort while they were gone.

That night, shit hit the fan.  Dan was just hanging out, smoking a cigarette, when all of a sudden a huge force of Chinese Boxers started bull-rushing the American Embassy with torches, rifles, and various other weaponry raised above their heads, screaming like madmen.  They had come to destroy the consulate, and Daly was the only man between this rampaging horde and the diplomatic legation.

In the face of this seemingly unending onslaught, Dan Daly knew it was time to be a Marine.  He jammed an ammunition belt into his squad machine gun, took a deep breath, and squeezed the trigger.
The next morning, the rest of Private Daly's squad arrived at the barricade Daly had been charged with defending.  Through the smoke and the carnage, they saw Dan Daly sitting on the fortifications puffing a smoke, surrounded by the bodies of 200 slain Boxers.  For his actions in single-handedly defending the legation in the face of impossible odds, Private Daly received the Congressional Medal of Honor.

But his job wasn't finished yet.  In 1914 Daly was transferred to Haiti during the American occupation of that country.  It was here that he would distinguish himself in combat once again.
Daly, who was now a Gunnery Sergeant at this point, was part of a platoon that had been sent out on a reconnaissance patrol deep into the Haitian countryside.  One day, as they were fording a small river, the Marines found themselves in the middle of a deadly ambush.  400 Haitian Cacos rebels poured fire into the 35-man platoon from three sides of the river, tearing into the U.S. troops.  The Marines fought hard and managed to push their way across the river, where they set up defensive positions and tried to fight off their attackers.  Unfortunately, the platoon's heavy machine gun had fallen in the initial pandemonium and was now resting peacefully at the bottom of the river.  Things looked pretty bleak for the heavily-outnumbered Marines.

Then Sergeant Daly stepped up.  He made his way out from the American positions in the middle of the night, jumped into the river, pulled the machine gun up, strapped it to his back and snuck back to join his platoon.  The following morning, the now-heavily-armed Marines split into three fire teams and swept through the jungle, tearing the Cacos new assholes all over the place.  When all was said and done, the rebel units were completely annihilated and Sergeant Daly earned his SECOND Congressional Medal of Honor.

After Haiti, Daly served fleet duty aboard the USS Newark, Panther, Cleveland, Marietta, Mississippi, Ohio, and Machias, saw combat in Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Panama, and served on Marine bases in eight different U.S. cities.  The man got around, because when you're as badass as Dan Daly was you're usually in pretty high demand.

In 1917 the United States once again needed the help of Sergeant Daly.  Around this time France and Germany were in the middle of the biggest and deadliest war the planet had ever seen, and the U.S. decided to send in the Marines to help kick some ass in "The Great War", as it was now being called.  Well Daly sure as shit wasn't going to miss out on an opportunity to fight in a World War, so he shipped out at age 44 for some more adventures.  He fought in several campaigns with the American Expeditionary Force in France, and won combat medals three more times - once when he crawled out under heavy enemy fire and rescued a half-dozen wounded Marines who were pinned down, once when he single-handedly captured 13 German soldiers, and once when he took out a heavily-fortified German machine gun nest all by himself using nothing more than a handful of grenades and a Colt .45 Automatic.  He was also wounded three times, but yeah right like that could slow him down.

Daly's greatest moment in World War I came during the intense fighting at the Battle of Belleau Wood.  Daly's Marines were in the middle of a goddamned shitstorm.  They were outnumbered two-to-one, outgunned, and facing down the barrel of a veritable assload of German machine gun nests.  They had been pinned down for hours by a non-stop hail of artillery and gunfire, and things were looking bleak as hell for our boys.

Well all of a sudden, just as things were looking hopeless, a lone figure jumped up onto the earthworks the American Marines had been using for cover.  Sergeant Dan Daly looked down the line, clutched his rifle and shouted, "Come on, you sons of bitches, do you want to live forever?"  before charging out to meet the enemy.  The men of the United States Marine Corps saw this act of bravery and decided, no, they did not want to live forever.  They went "over the top" and charged the German positions.

On 26 June 1917 the U.S. High Command in France received the following telegram:

Woods now U.S. Marine Corps entirely.

For his actions in the Belleau Woods, Sergeant Daly received the Navy Cross and the French Croix de Guerre.

Daly would serve in the occupation army, then work in Fleet Reserve until he finally retired from the Corps.  He worked as a banker for 17 years after his service and died in 1937 at age 65.  He is one of only two Marines to ever receive two Congressional Medals of Honor, and to this day remains one of the most legendary figures in American military history.  A true badass.

Even after his death the spirit of Dan Daly lived on in the American destroyer DD-519 -- the USS Daly.  The Daly fought bravely in the Pacific Fleet, earning eight Battle Stars during 27 months of service in World War II.  Even death couldn't stop the spirit of Sergeant Dan Daly from kicking fucking asses and taking names.

The USS Daly


Take a good look

Everyday when you look in the mirror, you decide if the day will be positive or negative.  It is that simple.


Accepting Compliments

From Marsay

Receiving compliments is almost always a good thing, but accepting them is an art for the educated people. Remember that the person that dared to make a compliment probably means it so it would be rude and impolite to respond anything else than “thank you”. Most of us tend to respond to compliments by ignoring them, deflecting or denying them or giving just back another compliment. This manner of interacting is not the best, because it may affect our relationship with that person or make him or her never compliment you again.

Psychologists tried to find an explanation for why people take compliments so difficult. There is a certain fear that people will perceive us as conceited if we accept someone’s positive remarks or that we will be indebted to that person and we have to do or say something nice to her, too. But this is not true. Most of the people just say something nice because you diserve it and expect nothing back. So do not offend a person by rejecting a compliment.

In any given situation you have to accept a compliment with a smile and a simple “ thank you”. You can never be wrong with this approach, even if the person that complimented you was ironic. With the right kind of smile you can send just the right message about how you perceived the compliment. What is more, you have to prove elegance and not get in a conflict. It is normal to accept a compliment and it will not make you seem conceited. It is not you that made the positive statement, but another person. You just accept it bacause it would be much worse to suggest the other person is a liar or has a bad judgement.

You don’t have to compliment back the person right away, especially if you don’t mean what you say. Just show that you are happy and thankful for their appreciation and leave it that way. If you want, you can make that person a compliment with other occasion, at an appropriate time. You will be appreciated as an refined man if you do not try to diminish the compliment. For example, if someone compliments your suit, don’t reply that it is old anyway. Nobody said it is new. If that person had a reason to like it, accept it. Take the compliments naturally, with modesty and if it’s the case, give credit to other persons involved. If you are congratulated for a good job and a friend helped you a lot, too, mention that, but don’t deny your contribution. Act diplomaticly and nice and you will be respected even more.


'Real" Men are Disappearing

Masculinity Under Fire: ‘Real’ Men are Disappearing 

From Guardian Liberty Voice

Masculinity Under Fire: 'Real' Men are Disappearing

“We hold these truths to be self-evident” can be said about a lot of patently obvious things. The idea that men are not women and women are not men, should be chief among them. Sadly, the lines dividing the two seem to be rapidly disappearing, with masculinity under heavy fire and the concept of the “real” man bludgeoned almost beyond repair. What started out as a push for better treatment and equality for women – a noble and worthy goal, by any standard – has devolved into an all out war on masculinity, boys, men and most everything pertaining to the classic ideal of “male.”

It might be unfair to lay this latest ongoing assault at the feet of the feminist movement. Although, that movement itself has been an integral weapon in the war on masculinity. Half a century ago, the most often cited fear of the feminist movement was that it might “masculinize” women: Flannel shirts, hiking boots, cropped haircuts and the like. The idea that it might make men start behaving more like women seemed completely unthinkable, at the time. The roles and role models for masculinity were well-established and unimpeachable. Men busted broncos, fought wars, shot guns, raced cars and lived by the motto “a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.”

The implication of that motto was that a man must stand up for himself, for what is right and for those he loves. A man was supposed to shoulder the burdens of supporting his family’s needs, be respectful of his elders and treat every woman he met as if she were a queen. Competitiveness and self-reliance were part and parcel to a man’s emotional makeup and social identity. What masculinity has been reduced to today, is the butt of a joke it is no longer man enough to even be aware of. Masculinity has come under fire from a dozen different directions, so it is no surprise that the real men have all but disappeared.

The most insidious attacks are not happening to men though, they are being executed on boys. Little boys are energetic, rambunctious, enthusiastic and easily the root word for “boisterous.” Little boys and little girls, despite all of the populist arguments to the contrary, are not the same. A typical toddler girl, if separated from her mommy by a baby gate, will eventually sit down and cry if her mommy does not pay her attention. A typical toddler boy however, while he too might cry, will also attempt to break down the gate or scale it. The relative advantage of either approach is worth debating, but it is the difference which needs to be addressed.

In school, much of the modern American curriculum is geared towards the strengths of girls. Math class involves a lot of word problems these days, while science classes lean heavily on written reports. But it gets worse; should little boys today have the impertinence to act like little boys of yesterday, they are almost immediately put on drugs. Recess, a wonderful tool for allowing children to burn off the excess fidgeting energy of their youth, has all but disappeared from public schools. Juxtapose those heavy doses of Ritalin for little boys, against a teaching environment which encourages little girls to “be empowered.” Whatever that means.

On the whole, girls tend to outperform boys in the use of language and fine motor skills, at least through puberty. Boys brains tend to perform better in numerical-based math and geometry. These areas of children’s brains – geometric, linear and spacial awareness, as well as numerical recognition – tend to develop about four years earlier in boys, than they do in girls. Researchers have determined that when it comes to math, a 12-year-old girl is working at the same acuity of an 8-year-old boy. Conversely, the areas of girl’s brains involved in language and fine motor skills (such as handwriting) develop easily six years earlier than in boys. Which means that an eight-year-old girl has equal language skills to a 14-year-old boy. By biasing scholastic achievements towards linguistic acuity, the deck has been stacked against little boys without anyone being the wiser.

Masculinity Under Fire: 'Real' Men are Disappearing

In entertainment, these days, genuine masculinity is either nonexistent or vilified. Men with masculine traits are portrayed as criminal, ugly, brutish, stupid or violent. Incidentally, the easiest way to identify the eventual villain in a modern TV crime drama, is to spot the white male guest-star in a position of authority, who is wearing a tie. The whole idea of a real man has disappeared under the same fire as masculinity.

In movies and television, the primary source of all oppression is an exaggeratedly masculine bully. The new heroes, saviors and titillating romantic interests, tend to the feminine acting, snarky smart-boys, more comfortable with video-game controllers and underachievement, than they are with their own skin. The smartest boys in the room, of course, must be only a few steps short of homosexual. The less masculine and more effeminate the character, the better the chances he will be a genius and universally liked. Today’s model man, according to Hollywood at any rate, tends to be a submissive, docile mamma’s boy, who requires a strong feminine influence to help him reach his potential.

These days, women are shown to be hard-driving, butt-kicking, karate chopping “macho-women” of the boardrooms and bedrooms, who take no prisoners and need no man. Masculine behavior seems to be acceptable, just so long as the person engaging in all that brutality, is not actually a man.
This sad lack of masculinity in the current generation of boys growing into men, has left a vacuum in the social fabric of the country which women are being forced to fill. Women now outnumber men on college campuses by a striking percent, and the much bemoaned “income gap” exists almost entirely in the minds of people who seem to find personal fulfillment in exaggerating differences.

Masculinity Under Fire: 'Real' Men are Disappearing

Men slightly outnumber women in the workforce, and there are still dangerous, dirty jobs, which women simply never apply for. The danger of those jobs tends to bring better pay, and the men who accept them never take time off for maternity leave. This might also be a good time to point out that Democrat politicians and their support groups like the Democrat National Committee, pay their women and minority employees a substantially smaller percentage than they pay their white male employees, whereas the Republicans pay all their people about equally.

Some experts fear that the pendulum will swing back with a vengeance, and all of the genuine, beneficial gains which women have enjoyed over the past 50 years will be steamrolled in a rush of testosterone. Still others, looking at the way socialism has creeped its way into American society, fear that this latest crop of Peter Pan’s will serve to force more and more people into dependence upon the government, which can only serve to strengthen government control.

Some women might celebrate the disappearance of masculinity, fondly bidding farewell to the stereotypical “real” men of days gone by; many hope those women will come under fire from the rest of the women in the nation, who want to marry men, not little boys. For the majority of women in America, if they seriously wanted to date a dependent little mama’s boy, they could simply give birth to one.


Man Cave?

Why are men regulated to "Caves" by their significant others?  Be a Man and make your home a place for reflection, meditation and entertainment.


The Roots Of Masculinity In Ancient Rome


From Return of Kings

Few civilizations have been granted the honor, by Providence, to stand as equal to the best. The Ancient Roman Empire, however, is one such civilization. Sitting at the table among the titans of history, Ancient Rome is regarded as one of the largest and most influential empires the world has ever known. Certainly up until that point, only the Macedonian and Achaemenid empire had controlled large swaths of land, but both quickly sunk into the annals of history.

Stretching from Hadrian’s wall in Britannia (modern day England) to the banks of the Euphrates river, the Romans affectionately described their legacy as imperium sine fine, or “empire without end.” With roughly forty-seven modern day countries within its grasp, almost no civilization during her millennia-long existence went untouched by the tentacles of commerce or by Rome’s colossal war machine. What started out as a monarchy evolved into a republic, and because of military expansion and thus need for centralized power, ushered in imperial Rome. During this imperial period, Rome acquired the majority of what history would remember as the Roman Empire.

While Rome is most often remembered for the debauchery associated with certain emperors and its many technical advancements, what was truly remarkable about Rome was the way Romans were expected to steadfastly attend to virtue. The culture was permeated with the idea that one would achieve excellence and renown amongst fellow citizens through pursuit of certain virtues. These virtues were either were specific to their station in life or were general overarching ideas for a civil society. Nonetheless, most Romans, including women, were judged on their ability to effectively and competently fulfill their role in the Republic.

Roman society, especially Roman public service and military life, was notoriously meritorious. There was no coddling, and certainly no handouts; both of which are prevalent throughout the west today. Any public appointment or respect in the community was earned through attendance to virtue and tangible deed that reflected ones commitment to excellence.

To be respected in ancient Rome, and especially to be considered for membership in the senate or military elite, one was in constant pursuit of attaining excellence. While the Romans had many virtues they aspired to, Virtus, or “manly character” was the most important for those who served in the public sphere. From the freshest legionnaire, to the emperor himself, Virtus was the most highly prized trait a man could have. If a man was able to have Virtus associated with his name, it was likely that he would one day hold high public office.

While the exact definition of Virtus varies among philosophers, and evolves throughout the history of the Roman Empire, Virtus was introduced by Plato and refined by Cicero into four specific virtues. These virtues are as follows: prudence, bravery, justice, and self-restraint. (Note: The reader might recognize these as the “four cardinal virtues” found in theology—this is because they were co-opted by Thomas Aquinas during the 13th century A.D.)

It was apparent to the men of Rome, but especially to men of power, that it was manly virtue that distinguished them from those whom they considered barbarians. It was their Virtus that made them great. There was no doubt; the Romans believed they were victorious because they were better men than their adversaries. They were certain that it was Virtus which would make or break them as men, as would it determine the success of their civilization. The Romans were correct, it seems, considering large scale moral decadence seemed perfectly to correspond with the downfall.
Virtus is the badge of the Roman race and breed. All else is false and doubtful, ephemeral and changeful: only virtus stands firmly fixed, its roots run deep, it can never be shaken by any violence, never moved from its place. With this virtus your ancestors conquered all Italy first, then razed Carthage, overthrew Numantia, brought the most powerful kings and the most warlike peoples under the sway of this empire. -Cicero

Modern Society

One would think with a clear message like this from history, Western Civilization would be able to go forth and achieve even more, for an even longer period than our Mediterranean forefathers. In any reasonable society, the life and times of great virtuous men would be blasted throughout the culture. We don’t belong to a reasonable society, though, in fact one that is sick by most measures.

We seem to not only have what is important completely reversed, but we even venture to find the degradation of values as cause for celebration. We forsake truth for the sake of political correctness, and shun the successful ideas of great men in favor of the ruthless doctrine of a failed false utopia. Telling enough, when I recall my Advanced Placement literature class in high school, I remember being offered a choice between “Black Feminist Theory” or just “Feminist Theory” as potential topics for my essay.

A critical aspect of civilization that has been almost completely washed out of modern society is the aspiration toward a good character. There are very few institutions left that teach the traditional manly character that built all of Western Civilization. It has always been an insane idea that these empty and ambiguous catchphrases like “social justice” and “kindness” that are oft quoted by leftists are expected to cure the ills of society.

The idea of what it means to be good has gone from prudence to running around naked at the gay pride parade, from restraint to indulging in whatever emotion feels right, from bravery to demonizing people who have a different opinion than you, and from justice to engaging in anything to further the SJW cause even if it means ignoring the truth.

A Return of Kings

If we men want to renew our civilization, void of illogical dogma and abject ignorance, why not begin by adopting the very way of life that ushered our civilization into the once-great civilization it has been in the past? The doctrine of emotion that the mainstream Cultural Marxist society perpetuates today is also the doctrine of weakness.

It is rooted in myopic thought and a lack of depth of understanding. Perhaps if men can once again find Virtus, we can find the manly character to be bold in the face of mainstream criticism. In due time, real men will show themselves and act as an antidote to the venom coursing through the veins of western civilization.

About the Author

is a longtime veteran of the culture war. He's trying to learn and do as much as he can before he becomes ashes and dust.


Letting Go of What You Are


Motivational Wallpaper

It is not who we are, but who we think we are that controls our lives.

Our sense of self, that is, who we see ourselves as, is built on our emotions, experiences and history. This definition is what almost single-handedly controls our lives: It determines what we can accomplish by controlling our confidence, work ethic, self-worth, and sense of entitlement. It decides who we allow ourselves to get close to and build relationships with, among countless other facets of the human experience. And if you want to grow, it is imperative that you gain control of this definition. Laozi is an ancient Chinese philosopher, contemporary to Confucius, and author of the Tao Te Ching, one of the two principle texts founding Taoism. (You may be more familiar with the old translation of his name, Lao Tzu.) He has an incredibly simple, yet life-altering quote:
When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.
Hardened clay cannot be reshaped until it is first softened, releasing its rigid form. In the same way, we cannot reshape ourselves until we consciously set aside our automatic definitions of ourselves.
If you see yourself as someone who has always been overweight, you will fight an uphill battle trying to lose weight. You have to think of yourself as one of those people who can work hard, lose weight, and get fit.

If you continue to live in the wake of old relationships, you’ll never be able to form a strong and rewarding relationship with someone new. No one you meet will ever be the same as those you’ve gotten close to in the past. The good things and the bad things.

If you think you’re average-looking and don’t bring a lot to the table, you will consider a lot of potential partners as out of your league, never attempting to make a connection. Don’t decide for them that you’re not good enough.

If you don’t think you can achieve your dreams or career goals because those things only happen to other people and not you, you will never reach them. You won’t put in the necessary work if you don’t think you can actually achieve something.

Our entire perception of life is based upon not only how we interpret the world, but how we see ourselves fitting into that interpretation. It controls what we think we’re able to accomplish in every aspect of our lives. I invite you to actively ruminate on what current definitions may be holding you back, and discover new ones to help you on your development process.

I like to use wallpapers like this one as a real-world, constant reminder to never get stuck in life due to an out-dated or false sense of self.

motivational wallpaper



Society Is Oblivious To The Warnings Of Literature

From ROK

"The other category of people who are utterly oblivious, are so-called intelligent “useful idiots” who actually claim to understand the point of this literature. These so-called enlightened intellectuals will proudly brag about how well read and educated they are, and will proudly admit to reading many of these books, yet they still completely miss the point. Oh they will absolutely acknowledge with a straight face the dangerous themes and warnings within these books, yet they will always point the finger at the “other side.” They will always attribute the road to oppression with the policies of the opposite side, never once looking in the mirror to see that they are cheering for their own demise.

The progressive left will blame those on the conservative right. They will blatantly call them fascists, nationalists, xenophobic racists, and Nazis, who are hell-bent on enacting some kind of corporatist authoritarian police state. They are completely oblivious, unconcerned, or complicit that their own progressive socialist, Marxist, statist, and social justice utopian policies will erode freedom, individualism, and individual rights just the same, all while granting limitless power to the state."

Read the whole Article HERE


The Zombie Apocalypse and the Decline of the Republic

From Dr. Gazette

Apocalypticism has exploded in popularity and, while nuclear war and pandemics have always been a starting point, the concept of the Zombie Apocalypse trumps them all. The appeal and wild popularity of shows like The Walking Dead, movies like World War Z, and the slew of apocalyptic, gloom and doom series and specials on cable television continues to grow by leaps and bounds. But the reasons behind such interest are often subconscious at times and not fully understood.

The Leftist activist and agitator Noam Chomsky was recently asked “why there’s this preoccupation with the apocalypse and with zombies right now in our culture?” I concurred with the first part of his response which was that he felt the focus on zombies was “a reflection of fear and desperation” by “an unusually frightened country.” But quickly the obsessive liberal impulse to blame America first and foremost for all ills, real and imagined including the public’s obsession with a zombie apocalypse, rose irresistibly to the surface.

He went through the history of fear in popular culture as outlined in the book War Stars by Bruce Franklin.  Although the fear is embodied in various forms, he sees a common thread throughout:

“There are a couple of themes that run through it that are pretty striking. For one thing, one major theme in popular literature is that we are about to face destruction from some terrible, awesome enemy.  And at the last-minute we are saved by a superhero or a super weapon, or in recent years high school kids going to the hills to chase away the Russians, things like that.  That’s one theme that runs through constantly.  And there’s a sub-theme.  It turns out this enemy, this horrible enemy that’s about to destroy us, is somebody we’re crushing.”   

” I think it’s, much of it is kind of just a recognition, at some level of the psyche, that if you’ve got your boot on somebody’s neck, there’s something wrong.  And that the people you’re oppressing may rise up and defend themselves, and then you’re in trouble.  And another is strange properties the country has always had of fear of invented dangers.  There is a kind of paranoid streak in the culture that’s pretty unusual.” 

And that’s about the best the Left can do I guess in trying to fathom the country’s fascination with a Zombie Apocalypse. It’s all  just collective, subconscious guilt. Nice try, I suppose, but if that was a “hit or miss” explanation it’s far closer to a miss than a hit.

There is indeed a vast undercurrent of suspicion, unease, paranoia, division, worry, pain, and even trauma right underneath the surface of the national consciousness. I believe it is manifested in the popularity of zombie themed entertainment and the concept of the doomsday scenario in general in popular culture. The feeling that things are rapidly unraveling and coming apart is a constant theme in social media and shared by vast swaths of the population, not to mention visualized in everything from backyard bunkers to Zombie apocalypse decals, Facebook groups, and bar crawls.

Collectively, we have lost our belief in a positive future.

The truth is that the American political system has been dysfunctional for decades and the country seems to have become functionally insane since the attacks on 9-11. The fears and rage unleashed that day has, in turn, unleashed a fast-growing and aggressive slew of government agencies, policies, and powers. Recent revelations have made us aware that the turn-key tyranny, 1984 surveillance state is upon us with every cell call made and every internet email, photo, comment, and social media post recorded and sucked into gargantuan government databases for no discernible or reasonable reason that the average person can fathom.

Two unpopular wars and the eventual election of the most intellectually bankrupt, corrupt, radical, and left-wing President in American history has only further divided an already deeply divided nation. Not since the Civil War has the nation been as polarized as it is now and the hatred that exists between the Right and the Left is real and palpable as each bitterly blames the others for every economic, societal, cultural, and policy ill that one can imagine.

The once powerful Republic is basically bankrupt and the financial system living only on borrowed time and credit. And a myriad of federal agencies and vast numbers of the citizenry are frantically arming themselves and stocking up on ammunition in a frenzy that shows no sign of abating. The country increasingly has no sense of itself and is flooded with everything from vast hordes of illegal immigrants to bitter cynicism while the traditional pillars and institutions of the State and society are under unceasing attack from all sides. The once proud partners, logic and common sense, lay rotting in the gutter having been slain by our progressive comrades when they were perhaps most needed.